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Dr. Lee Boissoneau

Dr. Lee Boissoneau



Wachaay, Aunii, Hello.  My name is Mary- Lee Boissoneau.  I am a female Indigenous Physician from Mattagami First Nation.   

l received my MD degree from the Northern Ontario School of Medicine in 2009 and went on to complete a 2-year residency with the Residents of the Canadian Shield Program in Timmins.  Upon completion of residency, I practiced medicine in Alberta for 1 year before returning to Ontario.  I also completed additional training in Occupational Medicine with the University of Alberta’s Family Medicine program and then completed a Supplemental Emergency Medicine Fellowship with the University of Toronto.   I have had the pleasure of providing care to residents across Northern Ontario since 2013.


I am delighted to now be a member of the Mushkegowuk Primary Care Team of wonderful professionals who are committed to offering the best quality and most respectful culturally sensitive care possible.  Together we hope to walk with our patients in a way that makes their journey through life a happier and healthier experience.   We offer a wide range of health promotion, illness detection, treatment and prevention services to people of all ages. Our primary care services are designed to assist our patients in their journey throughout their life span including from pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and birth, through to infancy, childhood, adolescence, and adulthood including one’s end of life and preparation of their journey through to the spirit world.


I also have a special interest in combating the Opioid Epidemic that is currently devastating so many people and their families.  I am committed to working to ensure that every single patient, family and community has access to the treatment, service and support that could prevent the hardship and heartbreak that is typically seen with the disease of substance use disorder. 

I look forward to working with you in the pursuit of ongoing health and happiness. 




Dr. Lee Boissoneau, MD, CCFP

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