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Mushkegowuk Health
Okimawiwin Minopimatisiwinik Atoskawikamik 

Mushkegowuk Health is a primary health care hub serving the wholistic health and wellness needs of the Mushkegowuk territory. Services are rooted in Mushkegowuk values, culture and language inherent in the belief that the land is medicine. Through collaborative partnerships and quality services, Mushkegowuk Health is committed to improving the overall health and wellness of Mushkegowuk citizens.

Our organizational values:

  • Our inherent rights stem from our connection to our lands, health and wellness stems from the land through Mino-pimatisiwin

  • Cultural identity stems from the practice of our culture, traditions, language and Mushkegowuk ways of knowing

  • Creating safe spaces and building trust to be responsive to the diverse needs of Mushkegowuk communities and to all people living in the Mushkegowuk territory

  • We value our relationships and partnerships that help to improve the overall quality of life for our people, our communities and nation


Guiding Principles:

  • Person-centered care   

  • Compassionate continuum of care  

  • Based in Mushkegowuk culture and values  

    • Kindness 

    • Sharing 

    • Strength of community 

    • and the understanding that the land is medicine  

  • Improve access to quality care  

  • Accountable and transparent   

  • Accessible and equitable   

  • Sustainable

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