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Patient with Healthcare Nurse

What is a Patient Advocate?  

A Patient Advocate is a qualified, trained professional who provides assistance to patients and their families to ensure they receive the best health care possible. They ensure their patients understand their rights within the health care system and can help with a variety of services depending on their individual needs.  


What can a Patient Advocate do? 

  • Help secure and manage health care 

  • Assist clients in making treatment plan decisions  

  • Offer medical guidance (within their scope of practice)  

  • Help you understand your health advice

  • Review diagnoses, treatment options, test results, medications, and medical records.  

  • Speak to healthcare representatives (doctors) on patient’s behalf, either through virtually or by attending appointments with their patients  

  • Assist with managing health claims (WSIB, disability papers) and review medical bills.  

  • Provide guidance (within their scope of practice) with matters such as living wills, advance directives, and malpractice/negligence claims


Patient Advocates are here to listen to your concerns and answer any questions you may have regarding your health care. If they unable to answer your questions, they will direct you to resources that can assist. Patient Advocates are here to help you and your families during times of uncertainty when in comes to the health care system.   

For more information about our Patient Advocacy services, please contact:

Sara-Jane Hunter RN, BScN
Patient Advocate
Office: (705) 268-3594 ext. 437
Work Cell: (705) 406-5006

Patient Advocacy

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