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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is the Land-Based Program being held?

A: In Cochrane, Ontairo, land-based site.

Q: Will travel to location be paid for?

A: A travel request is sent to Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) to arrange travel from your location (Ontario residents only). Standby registration (last-minute) travel arrangements will be at your own expense due to NIHB's 10-day travel notice policy. Travel reimbursement forms will be provided to participants who complete the program, so they can apply for their travel refund. 

Our travel is arranged with the Thunder Bay NIHB office. We work directly with the participants for travel arrangements. 

Q: Who can attend the Land-Based Detox and Healing Program?

A: Indigenous citizens of the Mushkegowuk area are prioritized but we will accept Indigenous citizens within other areas. 

Q: What is the intake process like?

A: Intake packages can be sent to you or a worker. the intake package includes an initial questionnaire, confidentiality/privacy pamphlet, and consent forms. The intake package can be returned by fax to Mushkegowuk OMA at 705-268-0435 (fax is secure and confidential). The Land-Based Healing team will contact you with a confirmation date and more information. 

Q: What happens when I'm on the waitlist to attend?

A: Waitlist participants will be called on short notice when availability has been made. This can happen within 24-48 hours before the program start date. 

Q: Is there a nurse onsite?

A: A nurse is available to participants during every land-based session.

Assessments are done daily with each individual to monitor their progress. The nurse will provide care to all participants on site. 

Q: Are families able to attend?

A: The program focuses on personal healing and wellness as well as how trauma impacts your and your family. 

It's encouraged that you participate for yourself and/or with your partner/spouse/youth. Children are not permitted -- there are no childcare services available. 

Q: What do I need to bring?

A: You need to bring clothing for one week's time. Dress for the weather. Food and accommodations are provided during your stay. Blankets and pillows are provided. 

For more information about the Land Based Detox and Healing Program, please contact: or

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