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Mental Health and Wellness

Offering our First Nations communities social, cultural, recreational and health presentations, and workshops. 

The mental health and wellness of Mushkegowuk communities need to be addressed from a historical context as it related to trauma.  The adverse effects on our wellbeing must be understood from a framework of colonization and the effects of Residential Schools and the Sixties Scoop eras have profoundly intergenerationally impacted the Mushkegowuk People. 

The strength and resiliency of the Mushkegowuk people can best de demonstrated in the strong family ties and child rearing practices deeply connected to spirituality, identity, well-being and relationship to the land. 

Indigenous knowledge systems are living entities and not relics of the past. Today, these knowledge systems are being applied to support Indigenous communities and Indigenous people with their recovery from intergenerational pain and suffering endured during the colonization process. 

Healing is an individual decision, path, journey and mindset. Deciding to address one's healing can be the toughest decision of all. No one can make you heal, this decision needs to come from within. Our Mental Health and Traditional Healing Programs can be a great resource for your healing journey. 

If you would like to request Mental Health or Traditional Healing Services in your community, please complete the request forms below.

Mental Health Request Form - please submit completed form to

Traditional Healing Request Form - please submit completed form to

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