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Loretta Tapas


Since attending the Land-Based Detox and Healing Program, I no longer use.


I wake up feeling awesome and healthier. We have our family sharing circles once a week.

The first two days in the program were very detoxifying. I was so sick and I was feeling sorry for myself until I stopped crying and realized I did this to myself. I forced myself to get up and attend sessions.

I am happy today. I am growing. I AM ALIVE and really living. 

I want to share my experience for someone who might read this and realize that they can feel life again. It feels good. God bless. 


Kyle Martin


The Mushkegowuk OMA Land-Based Detox and Healing program is probably the best program I've been to yet. I really opened my eyes, big time.

Now I want to help and inspire people to get sober.  I'm living proof that you're not broken or damaged, we're just wounded and wounds can heal if you keep at it.  Don't get me wrong, I still have a long way ahead of me -- there's lot of work to be done on my healing journey.

You don't need drugs or alcohol to be happy. I want to go back to the program because it's that good of a program. 


Asking for help is one of the hardest thingst o do. I know because I've been through it and it wasn't easy. I put my family through so much and there were times I didn't want to live anymore but it's never too late to get help. 


You are worth living. Love yourself.


Anonymous Youth


I attended the Land-Based Detox and Healing program in August; I was not feeling good about myself and had poor mental health.

For as long as I could remember drugs and alcohol were something I was always exposed to and eventually I got into it. My first drink was at twelve years old and became a sense of comfort for me. It went from a weekend thing to doing it everyday. This was something that went on for three years.

I’m fortunate enough to have realized my problem at a young age and am extremely grateful to have experienced Mushkegowuk OMA's Land Based Program. The staff was helpful in many ways and taught me that it’s okay to have dreams, to advocate for my own voice and to reach out when difficult times occur. When it comes to healing, the journey is never easy nor is it something that can be done in a short amount of time. You either quit or keep going. They both hurt , however the success that comes with moving forward is worth it.

I have just turned 16 and am determined to graduate. Hard times have come but they have also passed and I thank everyone who was there to support me and redirect where I was heading. This is my experience and I hope it will encourage others to break the generational trauma that has plagued many communities and fight addiction. 

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