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Cultural Care, Community Control: Our Health, Our Way.


Jonathan Solomon is working with Mushkegowuk Health to lead this Health Transformation project. 

Jonathan has a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the Mushkegowuk Council's territory, having served as the Grand Chief for six years. His familiarity with the region, its communities, and his existing relationships within those communities make him an invaluable addition to our efforts. He is also fluent in English and Cree.

Jonathan's work on this project will be crucial in advancing our shared mission of enhancing healthcare and health outcomes in our communities.

What is Health Transformation?

Health Transformation is about setting up health services the way the communities want to be served. Health Transformation empowers Mushkegowuk communities to take charge of shaping the design and implementation of their own health and wellness services. This will lead to improved well-being for First Nations and their citizens. No one is more committed to the well-being of our people and future generations than we are.

We require a system that:

  • Honors and embodies traditional healing methods, our indigenous medicines, and cultural values.

  • Focuses on wholistic well-being, not solely on treating illnesses.

  • Enhances the efficiency of all services under Indigenous governance.

  • Develops approaches with direct community input.

  • Addresses community needs in proximity to their homes.

  • Encourages collective efforts and collaboration among First Nations while preserving individual First Nation autonomy.

  • Distinguishes between self-governance of health and self-administration of health.

  • Offers flexibility within the system to customize and deliver programs to meet specific community needs.

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