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Katherine Storring, Registered Audiologist

Katherine Storring is a certified audiologist who holds a Master's Degree in Audiology. Katherine has specialized training in evaluating the hearing of children and adults of all ages.

About Audiology

Audiology is all about taking care of your ears and hearing. It's like a special doctor for your ears. The audiologist is the person who helps you with your hearing. 

First, they check how well you hear. They use special tests to find out if you have any hearing problems. If you do, they can figure out how bad it is and what's causing it.


Audiologists help people who need hearing aids. These are small devices that go in your ears and make sounds louder. The audiologist can pick the right one for you and show you how to use it.

They also teach you how to take care of your ears. Like, how to protect them from loud noises that can hurt your hearing.

Benefits of Audiology:

  • Better Hearing: The main benefit is that you can hear better! You won't miss out on conversations, music, or sounds you love.

  • More Confidence: When you hear well, you feel more confident. You can participate in conversations and activities without feeling left out.

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