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Elizabeth (Betty) Gunner Awarded for Dedication to Children with Disabilities

Elizabeth (Betty) Gunner was awarded the Tribute Award for Partnership in honour of her commitment to Mushkegowuk kids with disabilities and their families.

Betty was among nine individuals who were recognized for their impact on kids with disabilities and their families at the Empowered Kids Ontario (EKO) 2023 Spring Symposium in Toronto in April.

Betty spearheaded the development of the James Bay Special needs Services System Planning Table, which is called MaMouPiMoTayTaa – Together We Walk, which is now a program run by Mushkegowuk Council’s health department, Mushkegowuk Okimawiwin Minopimatisiwinik Atoskawikamik (OMA).

This planning table was developed in collaboration with the Cochrane Temiskaming Children’s Treatment Centre and Mushkegowuk Council’s Omushkego Education as a provincial initiative to support children and youth with disabilities. Betty served as the Community Relations Coordinator with Omushkego Education, where she brought the voice and perspective of Indigenous families to service providers.

Betty dedicated her career to equity and access to services for Mushkegowuk children to ensure kids with disabilities and their families can live their best lives. She aided in the development of an adaption of the speech and language program called “Moe the Mouse” which was specific to Cree-speaking children. She also led the roll-out of a universal Handwriting Without Teams program in James Bay area schools, was an active participant in the development of a newly created Pediatric Indigenous Rehab Assist post-secondary program, bridge information technology for families through creating an iPad loan program where tablets are loaded with various programs.

EKO’s Tribute Award is EKO’s oldest and most prestigious recognition, which is presented to individuals, teams and organizations that have made lasting contributions for kids with disabilities and their families.

The Mushkegowuk OMA Team would like to congratulate Betty for this outstanding achievement!

For more information about Betty’s achievements, visit:


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