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Mushkegowuk Health Announces Launch of Primary Care Services in Timmins

TIMMINS – Mushkegowuk Health Okimawiwin Minopimatisiwinik Atoskawikamik is proud to unveil their highly anticipated Primary Care services in Timmins.

Mushkegowuk Health is a primary health care hub dedicated to identifying and bridging gaps in healthcare within the Mushkegowuk territory. With a commitment to delivering culturally appropriate wellness services, they strive to enhance individual and community health outcomes.

To improve healthcare accessibility for urban-Indigenous individuals and their families residing in the Timmins area, Mushkegowuk Health is pleased to announce the introduction of Primary Care Services tailored specifically for those currently without a primary care provider and holding a band affiliation with a Mushkegowuk community. It is strongly recommended that Mushkegowuk members currently rostered under a physician remain with their current health care provider.

"We are delighted to welcome Dr. Lee Boissoneau to our esteemed team," exclaimed Janis Wabano, Director of Health. "Dr. Boissoneau brings a wealth of experience and an unwavering passion for her work. We are thrilled to have her expertise on board."

Comprised of a compassionate physician, skilled nurses, and dedicated support staff, Mushkegowuk Health's Primary Care team provides culturally competent services encompassing health promotion, illness prevention, and disease treatment. Every program offering integrates Mushkegowuk culture, tradition, and practices.

In response to the urgent and longstanding health issues resulting from the inequality of health and healthcare services in the Mushkegowuk territory, Nishnawbe Aski Nation Chiefs and Mushkegowuk Council jointly declared a state of Health and Public Health Emergency in February 2016.

"Our mission is to bridge the healthcare gaps within the Mushkegowuk region," Wabano emphasized. "Our communities have voiced this pressing need, and we have proudly extended our services to support mental health, special needs, detoxification, and are now excited to introduce primary care."

To learn more about eligibility and patient intake, please visit Mushkegowuk Health's website at or contact their office at 705-269-6662.



  • Mushkegowuk Chiefs in Assembly, through resolution, mandated the establishment of a Mushkegowuk Council Area Primary Care Hub team with a focus on patient centered primary care to develop a District Hub Inter-Professional Primary Care Team based on a holistic framework for the integration of culturally safe, collaborative, team-based, patient centered care, in a primary care setting. The model is based on the tradition and cultural practices of the James Bay people – Mino Pimatiziwin.

  • Mushkegowuk Health is community-governed and works collaboratively with existing services to provide culturally safe primary care services to communities in the Mushkegowuk territory.

  • Mushkegowuk Health currently offers Mental Health and Wellness programs, Traditional Healing programs, Special Needs Services, Land Based Detox and Healing, and Primary Care services.

  • Indigenous populations have historically experienced significant health disparities, often stemming from systemic factors such as colonization, intergenerational trauma, and limited access to culturally appropriate care. Mushkegowuk Health’s Primary Care Service is a proactive step towards addressing these inequalities and working towards a more equitable healthcare system.

  • Cultural competency is at the core of Mushkegowuk Health’s service model. By incorporating traditional healing methods and culturally appropriate approaches, Mushkegowuk Health’s aim is to provide wholistic care that respects the diverse needs and preferences of our Indigenous patients.


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