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Fashion Show Showcases Rich Indigenous Culture and History

Updated: Feb 27

COCHRANE – Indigenous designers and crafters will be showcasing their cultural richness and diversity later this month. Mushkegowuk Council’s Health Department is excited to announce the Indigenous Fashion History and Teachings Show taking place at the Apitisawin Gym in Cochrane on February 29, 2024.

Award-winning fashion designer, stylist, creative director, and content creator Scott Wabano (they/them), a 2spirit Cree from Moose Factory, will be the keynote speaker. Scott, the proud owner of the genderless brand ‘Wabano,’ uses sustainable fashion to educate society about the impacts of colonization on Indigenous communities. Their commitment to preserving Indigenous heritage has earned them a spot on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 List for Toronto. Scott will share insights and inspiration, particularly for Indigenous youth, emphasizing the power of identity and existence.

Joining the event is Canada’s Drag Race contestant, Chelazon Leroux. Chelazon, a 2Spirit Dene First Nations Multidisciplinary Artist, aims to bring 2Spirit’s historical role into the modern world through multimedia art, educating and entertaining audiences on the experiences, stories, and beauty of Indigenous identity.

The Indigenous Fashion History and Teachings Show will showcase the profound heritage of Indigenous fashion, shedding light on ceremonial/regalia and custom designer wear. Through an array of visually captivating presentations, attendees will gain insight into the cultural significance and artistic brilliance woven into each piece of ceremonial regalia.

Local artists, including Cree Style by De Lores, will exhibit regalia designed for Rites of Passage and Powwow. Traditional Practitioners Jules Tapas and Charlene Gunner-Tapas will impact knowledge on Sundance ceremonial wear, and Mark Carpenter will present a special segment showcasing the sacred long hair of males, a profound expression that faced disapproval in the context of residential schools.

Dolores Gull, Traditional Healer Cultural Practitioner with Mushkegowuk Health, has been working on organizing the event for months “our goal is to enlighten and empower indigenous youth, fostering a deeper understanding of Indigenous fashion traditions. We hope to inspire the next generation of designers and knowledge keepers. This event aims to protect our heritage and support the making of special, culturally meaningful creations that will stand the test of time.”

The event will be filled with creativity, cultural appreciation, and a celebration of Indigenous fashion. The Indigenous Fashion History and Teachings Show marks a significant step towards preserving and revitalizing the rich heritage of the Omushkegowuk.

The event is free to attend. Doors open at 1:30PM and the show beings at 2:30PM. For more

information, you can visit Mushkegowuk Health’s website at 

The planning committee consists of: Linda Archibald from APANO, Jahna Sutherland from Ininew Friendship Centre, Jamie Davey and Sarah Scott from Mushkegowuk Council’s Nation Rebuilding Initiative, and Mary Jane Archibald from CreeMij, Dolores Gull and Cherilyn Archibald from Mushkegowuk Health OMA.


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